• Tamara Pester

    "I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere. People actually talk to one other. I appreciate the trainers, who push me harder than I would push myself, and the diversity of Kinetics members. Despite the fact that most members are personally or professionally extraordinary and inspiring, everyone's grounded and we're all just working towards our own personal goals. It's a supportive community, and I enjoy the collegiality."

  • Viski Hanka

    "I started with Kinetics because it was fun and social. I loved going there, and I started noticing what working out did to my physique. Back then, the '80s, it was more about vanity. We wore skimpy leotards and leggings. We wanted to be fit because we wanted to look good. As I grew older and had children, it became less about looks. I learned that staying in shape is better for my bones, muscles and stamina, and I had kids to raise and a business to run. Now that I'm past 50, it's harder but it's a necessity for my mental and physical welfare. It's great for my blood pressure, cholesterol - everything - and I think being fit makes it easier for women my age to go through the change of life."

  • Rich Schraeder

    "We joke about Kinetics being Cheers without the alcohol because the atmosphere is so great. It's a really good place to work out but also a good social scene. Because it's so small, it's hard to get lost, to be invisible, so you get to know other members. We have a good time. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to helping people reach their goals. I've coached for 40 years, and I still learn from them. To have them push me and learn from them is great."

  • Jim Swanson

    "I plan to keep working out at Kinetics as long as I'm physically able. I met a guy there the other day who's 85. I thought to myself: That's a good goal. Even if you're physically limited, you can still show up and do a few exercises. I hope when I'm his age I can do that."