• Gene Cisneros as President

    A highly respected fitness educator and consultant, Gene has over 30 years experience designing fitness programs for individuals, corporations, schools and clubs. His professional expertise and the incredible energy and enthusiasm he feels for his studio are major components of the Kinetic Fitness Studio's Commitment to Excellence.

    'The establishment of the Kinetic Fitness Studio in 1982 was the culmination of my personal search for excellence and the realization of a lifelong dream... ' Gene Cisneros

  • Markie Bryant - Consultant and as Trainer

    Fitness is the ultimate preventative medicine. I believe true health can be discovered in a gym where one on one or group training pushes you beyond your self envisioned limits.

  • Les Sparks as Trainer, Nutritionist

    I've been involved in the fitness/wellness industry in one form or another since 1982 when I started my bodybuilding career. After successfully competing for several years, I obteined a dual bachelors degree from Colorado State University in 1991. One for Human Nutrition and Dietetics, and the other in Exercise Physiology.

    I have always made sure I continue to stay abreast of my chosen fields by continuing my educational seminars.

    I began my Personal Training career in 1984 and continued it through my college education. Upon graduating from college, I started my own health and wellness consulting business - OmniHealth. As the name implies, OmniHealth's objetive is to equip you the tools necessary to achieve your total health goals.

    I specialize in dietary and nutritional consulting from weight loss to bodybuilding to Optimal Health and Disease Prevention. Aside from Personal Training, I also provide Exercise Prescriptions tailored to your fitness goals and time constraints. I am also available for Nutritional Seminars from small groups to corporate settings.

    To learn more about services I provide, and how I can help you achieve the fitness of your dreams, I encourage you to visit my website at:


    - Bachelors in Human Nutrition and Dietetics

    - Bachelors in Exercise Physiology.

    - A.C.S.M. American College of Sports Medicine.

    - A.C.E. American Council on Exercise.

    - A.D.A. American Dietetic Association.

    - A.N.A. American Nutraceutical Association.

  • Drew Peterson as Trainer

    I have been involved with sports and fitness for as long as I can remember. Now, fitness takes on a whole new meaning for me. My best workouts are when I have both of my daughters strapped on to me for a long walk to the park, or on the winding paths of Disneyland. They have provided me with an entirely different way to exercise! My philosophy is simply- "Keep Moving!" Life is not race, it's a marathon, and if you keep moving each day towards your goals you will find what you are looking for. As a Personal Trainer I want to help motivate and inspire you to "Keep Moving" toward your own personal fitness goals. Bachelors in Kinesiology I.S.S.A. International Sports Sciences Association; Personal Trainer Pleasantview Fire Department Vice President, Head Baseball Coach; Lakewood Junior Baseball Association Baseball Coach; D'Evelyn High School Fitness and Baseball Coach; Foothills Parks and Recreation (Sports Made Possible).

  • Keigan Peterson as Trainer

    National Academy of Sports Medicine February 2013 Certified Personal Trainer

  • Rachel Van Natta as Spin Instructor

    My passion for health & fitness, volunteering and helping others began at a young age influenced by my mother who was a fitness instructor, a running coach, and a Reflexologist. I have always been competitive by nature, exponentially boosted by having an identical twin sister. I recently moved to Denver to embrace the fitness community wholeheartedly. Originally from Houston TX, I spent the last 7 years in Los Angeles finishing up my post education at AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) and a Reflexology Academy, while teaching Spinning and Gravity Pilates classes at the Hollywood YMCA in addition to growing my Reflexology business. As health & fitness are super important, I feel other key elements such as engaging spiritually, mentally and emotionally are required to succeed in all aspects of life. I believe that with strength, determination, focus, and lots of love & laughter we can accomplish anything that comes our way. Certifications:

    -AADA American Academy of Dramatic Arts

    -The American Academy of Reflexology

    -Mad Dogg Spinning

    -Schwinn Cycling

    - Gravity Pilates Instructor 8/2009-3/2014

  • Mark McIntosh as Spin Instructor, Rowing Instructor

    Mark McIntosh is a big believer in, "A sweat a day keeps the doctor away." He's also very fond of Kinetics, calling it, "The best gym in America, not for its spa, but its spirit." When not leading workout classes at Kinetics, Mark is a motivational speaker, author and consultant. The author of four books, he also fancies himself a good karaoke singer, is the founder of Victory Productions. It's mission is to encourage others to achieve goals and overcome challenges. Mark is a popular speaker known for delivering entertaining, warm, humorous and encouraging Pep Talks to businesses, schools, athletic teams and other groups.

  • Greg Ashworth as Massage Therapist

  • Jacob McDonough as Massage Therapist

    Jacob McDonough grew up in Tacoma, WA and has been a resident of Denver for 6 years. His personal growth, dedication, and integrity has exponentially accelerated since his enrollment into the Denver School of Massage Therapy in Aurora, CO in 2011. Before moving to Denver, he studied structural engineering and business at Seattle University, but soon decided his real passion was helping people. With many massage modalities under his belt, his knowledge and love for massage is felt greatly through the work that he does. He is currently studying to get his personal training certification. Modalities: Swedish Deep Tissue Sports Trigger Point Reflexology Acupressure Hydrotherapy Structural Realignment

  • DeAnne Minner as Newsletter Editor

    DeAnne Minner has been a public relations/communications professional for more than 15 years. A former English teacher and technical writer, she has performed PR/communications work for multinational corporations such as Texaco and Siemens as well as locally based organizations such as PacifiCare of Colorado and the Denver Newspaper Agency.

    A graduate of the University of Denver with degrees in English and business, DeAnne relishes the writing experience. She also is an accomplished desktop publisher and has produced a variety of publications for employers and as a consultant or volunteer for nonprofit organizations.

    DeAnne met Kinetic Fitness Studio owner Gene Cisneros in 1976 while student teaching at East High School. She participated in his PE/aerobics classes there and has been a member of KFS, off and on, since its inception. She has periodically produced its member newsletter during this time, and she has the utmost respect for Gene's expertise and professionalism.