• Gene Cisneros as President

    A highly respected fitness educator and consultant, Gene has over 30 years experience designing fitness programs for individuals, corporations, schools and clubs. His professional expertise and the incredible energy and enthusiasm he feels for his studio are major components of the Kinetic Fitness Studio's Commitment to Excellence.

    'The establishment of the Kinetic Fitness Studio in 1982 was the culmination of my personal search for excellence and the realization of a lifelong dream... ' Gene Cisneros

  • Rachel Van Natta as Spin Instructor

    My passion for health & fitness, volunteering and helping others began at a young age influenced by my mother who was a fitness instructor, a running coach, and a Reflexologist. I have always been competitive by nature, exponentially boosted by having an identical twin sister. I recently moved to Denver to embrace the fitness community wholeheartedly. Originally from Houston TX, I spent the last 7 years in Los Angeles finishing up my post education at AADA (American Academy of Dramatic Arts) and a Reflexology Academy, while teaching Spinning and Gravity Pilates classes at the Hollywood YMCA in addition to growing my Reflexology business. As health & fitness are super important, I feel other key elements such as engaging spiritually, mentally and emotionally are required to succeed in all aspects of life. I believe that with strength, determination, focus, and lots of love & laughter we can accomplish anything that comes our way. Certifications:

    -AADA American Academy of Dramatic Arts

    -The American Academy of Reflexology

    -Mad Dogg Spinning

    -Schwinn Cycling

    - Gravity Pilates Instructor 8/2009-3/2014

  • Mark McIntosh as Spin Instructor

    You might recognize Mark for his long-time television career as a Denver sportscaster and talk show host. But there’s another side to the Missouri native. His passion for fitness. Mark’s a big believer in a “Sweat a day keeps the doctor away.” The father of two leads full-body workout classes at Kinetics on Monday and Thursday mornings. The sweat-inducing workouts include time of the stationary bikes but also include core and upper-body exercises to give participants the full-body experience.

  • Greg Ashworth as Massage Therapist