who we are

Gene Cisneros designed every aspect of the Kinetic Fitness Studio program and personally supervises daily operations. A highly respected fitness consultant for 37 years, Gene has designed programs for individuals, corporations, schools and clubs. His professional expertise, incredible energy, and enthusiasm for helping others succeed at reaching fitness goals are major components of the studio's commitment to excellence.

Kinetic Fitness Studio’s equipment is state-of-the art. From spin bikes to indoor rowers to free weights to hydraulic resistance and other exercise machines, Gene constantly tests and evaluates new equipment for the studio. Individual pieces are continuously added, replaced or modified to ensure that clients enjoy the best in fitness resources. In addition, clients are instructed and supervised by certified personal trainers in the proper use of equipment to avoid the risk of injury.

We attract the best staff because professionals love working with our small, highly motivated clientele in a top quality program. All trainers share Gene’s passion for fitness and an eagerness to help others. In addition to personal trainers, Kinetic Fitness Studio staff includes an indoor rowing instructor, a nutritionist, and a massage therapist. Given this emphasis on multiple approaches to fitness, you'll achieve maximum results in minimum time. The studio’s individually designed one-on-one training programs offer the right mix of activities and hands-on guidance to support attainment of your most ambitious fitness goals, whether weight loss, strength training, or an overall sense of well-being.

If you sincerely want to get in shape and/or stay fit, Kinetic Fitness Studio is the health club for you.